Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our family started producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Turkey in 1954. Since then we have been perfecting our quality and sending our products to our overseas offices in several countries.

Olivos Olive Oil Industries today is reaching all our valuable customers directly from Olivos International Branch Offices. Olivos Organic Olive Oil is only obtained from the natural juice of cold pressed Organic Olives and produced without synthetic agricultural chemicals, hormones, preservatives or any other fertilizers where Organic Olives are harvested away from any polluted environmental or industrial region.

Our production has been influenced by the popularity of the organic food trend across the globe. Due to the higher demand in recent years, we made the largest investments in the production of premium quality Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Olivos products are sold in 32 countries and considered the best-selling Turkish Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world.